Current Series

1 Thessalonians

The letter to the church in Thessalonica was written by Paul to encourage them to persevere and stand firm in their faith in the face of much opposition and persecution.  This was written around 51 AD.  While its words are old - they are timeless and relevant to the Church today.  May you be encouraged and strengthened in your faith as we journey through this series together.

Misunderstood Bible Terms

There are many words that we read in the Bible that we often just pass over, not really knowing or understanding what they mean.  In an effort to help us all grow and know Jesus more, we want to help share the depth of meaning in each of these terms.  Each week one of our leaders will be diving deep into the meaning of each term.  We pray that this is a resource that helps you grow more in your love for God's Word.  We also pray that you will be further equipped to understand and share what you learn with others.

Family Sunday Services

Each month throughout the year that has five Sunday services in them will include our Family Sunday on the fifth Sunday.  This is a service time where we keep our kids in the service with us and we include worship, a sermon that is multi-generational and fun, and some hands on activities for all to participate in.

Spiritual Disciplines

Throughout 2021 we will be teaching, practicing, and living out these spiritual disciplines.  Our focus is to continue to fulfill the mission that Jesus set us on - that is to make disciples everywhere we go.  The best way to make disciples is to BE a disciple.  As we grow closer to God we are equipped to help others grow closer to God as well!

61 Day Season of Prayer

We invite you to join us Sunday, November 1 through Thursday, December 31 as we seek the heart of God for His:

  • Power
  • Presence
  • Protection
  • Purpose
  • Provision

Each weekday morning we will post a new prayer devotional.

The Kingdom

As Kingdom citizens, we’re called to reflect the gospel by living in humble imitation of Jesus.
For us and everyone else, as self-sufficient adults to have to receive the most necessary thing in life as a gift is hum­bling. Think about it, we would rather secure our own lives by building our own little kingdoms. The things that are important to us, more than anything else are our careers, our homes, our families, our comfort. Then we discover the thing we need most is the reign of God and that we can only sit back as helpless recipients while He gives it to us. 
At the doorstep of glory stands the pleading figure of all the ages, Jesus. In His hands is His Kingdom, which He is handing out as a gift. From CEOs to janitors, soldiers to civilians, PhDs to dropouts, Black or White, East or West, republicans or democrats, He, and He alone, offers His Kingdom as a gift. It is our only hope for living with meaning.
That’s what the Kingdom of God is all about. It’s about Jesus, giving us His Kingdom as a gift so that we can live a life that has true meaning, a life that makes a difference, a life that works for the King to spread the Good News of what Jesus has done for us.
We pray that this series - The Kingdom - will help you more deeply understand what the Kingdom of God is, which will then help you live more fully, as citizens of the Kingdom.

Unstoppable - The Book of Acts

Come with us on a journey through the exciting early days of the church. We’ll discover what made the early church so powerful—so unstoppable. As the Book of Acts opens, we’ll see a room full of huddled, scared disciples who were completely powerless and uncertain of the future. But we’ll also see these same followers become empowered and effective men and women advancing throughout the world, proclaiming the unstoppable gospel that turned the world upside down.
The story of the unstoppable gospel continues today through us all. As you listen/watch this message series we pray that you find the boldness and courage that is available to you through the Holy Spirit empowerment made available to us all!

Wisdom Wednesday

Each Wednesday we dive into the Book of Proverbs to glean wisdom for our everyday lives.


Are the Ten Commandments still relevant today? Do they still apply? Which ones? What do they mean in light of God’s mercy revealed in Jesus? Highlighting the timelessness and goodness of God’s commands, we pray this sermon series helps you understand truth about the Ten Commandments and makes clear what they are, why we should know them, and how to apply them. This series will help you understand, obey, and delight in God’s law - commandments that expose our sinfulness and reveal the glories of God’s grace to us in Christ.


In the book of Ephesians, we see how the gospel story affects believers' everyday lives. God the Father planned throughout history for Jesus to create a multi-ethnic community of followers. Comprised of Jews and non-Jews, these followers form the covenant family God promised to Abraham. They live in unity as one body in their families, neighborhoods, and churches because of God's grace. Paul shows how the good news should create ethnically diverse communities that are unified by devotion to Jesus and to each other.

I Believe

We invite you all to join us as we dive into the depths of meaning in this statement and what it means for us as individual believers as well as the great capital "C" Church worldwide.  That's the beautiful thing about the Apostle's Creed.  To confess the creed is to take up a countercultural stance.  When we say the creed we are not just expressing our own views or our own priorities.  We are joining our voices to a great communal voice that calls out across the centuries from every tribe and tongue.  We locate ourselves as part of that community that transcends time and place.  If our voices are still echoes, they are now echoing something from beyond our own cultural moment.

The Gospel of John

“The Word became flesh…”  The purpose of this gospel, as stated by John himself, is to show that Jesus of Nazareth was Christ, the Son of God, and that believers in him might have eternal life.  This Gospel proclaims the grace, peace, love and hope we can experience through Jesus.  We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey through the Gospel of John.  Our prayer is that these messages will help you more fully connect with Jesus and grow in your faith as you live your life out as a fully devoted follower of Jesus.